“For senior executive leaders, the ability to continually expand your impact is essential, particularly during turbulent times. Val’s important 3 step process provides a clear, easy, reliable and effective way to remain focused on what’s important. I fully endorse these concepts!”

Bertram L. Scott,
Former Chief Executive Officer, Financial Services and Healthcare Companies

“I’ve been very fortunate to be part of three teams that Val has coached. The first two, when I was Chief Financial Officer, and the last when it was my team, as the Chief Executive Officer. On all three occasions, Val was able to break down barriers among the team, and help us build trust, which ultimately led to better performance for the company. Val has a unique way about her; people instantly open up and share their feelings, all of which leads to the creation of a personalized roadmap for success for the team.”

Glenn MacFarlane,
Chief Executive Officer, Beacon Health Options

“Working with Val was a tremendous gift I didn’t realize I needed. From Val, most importantly, I learned how to shape my executive presence which included getting comfortable with power and being confident in my “brand”. Other key benefits included realizing the importance of being clear on your purpose as a leader (putting it down on paper and owning it) and learning how to have effective feedback conversations (especially with challenging topics).”

M.J., Vice President Sales, Pharmaceutical Company

“Val has been instrumental in helping me identify and reframe old stories about myself. Her biggest value is her ability to listen and ask the tough questions that I wouldn’t necessarily ask myself. She’s also brought good tools to help me better manage how I approach and handle difficult situations internally or with clients.”

J.H., Senior Vice President, Financial Services Company

“Val is simply amazing. She has this incredibly natural way of challenging you out of your comfort zone. She puts a mirror up so that you can see things that you didn’t even know you should be looking at. I learned so much from her and about myself in just a short time working with her. She changes the kind of leader I am.” 

K.A.K., President and Chief Executive Officer, Scientific Branding Agency

“Val is an artist. She brought humanity and discipline to our sessions and provided a safe place for expression, experimentation and ideation that I could leverage as soon as the session ended and even years later, as many of our discussions remain relevant today”.

J.F., Vice President, Pharmaceutical Company

“Working with Val Williams changed my professional life through two great lessons. I learned to operate from a “charge neutral” place and not react to drama, which helped me realize my power, and focus on staying centered on the critical issues at hand.  Another related lesson I learned is that it is impossible to be a strong leader if one is operating from a place of fear.  Through Val, I developed my ability to stay in the moment and focus on the problem at hand versus becoming engulfed in negative self-talk and internal messages about possible failure.  This helped me accept every experience—good or bad—as a gift and opportunity for forward movement. Through the years, I have been able to help others by sharing Val’s inspiring lessons."

C.S.H., General Manager, Consumer Packaged Goods Company

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