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"Even More Impact Mini Assessment"

How do you know if there is an opportunity  for you to create Even More Impact than you have created previously in your career? Take the free Mini-Assessment to find out.


"Permission to be Magnificent"

One part of the strategy for having Even More Impact is to start with a Vision of that impact. And if you are going for more, why not have it be better than good. Give yourself the permission to have your impact be Magnificent! Here is a 6 Step Tool that gives you the questions to explore for creating your own magnificence.

Raymond Aaron

Congratulations for choosing this book! I have no doubt that it will change your life for the better. It will inspire you to achieve your dreams and to live the life that you have always wanted to live!

Raymond Aaron
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Even More Impact

3 Keys for Executives to Revitalize, Reposition, and Reset in Uncertain Times

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