Table of Contents


 Chapter 1 “How this Book Got Started”

Senior Executives have always had a tough job. But in these uncertain times, even the best leaders have to up their game.

 Chapter 2 “This book is for Successful Leaders”

You may have already experienced some success. However, you are still faced with today’s challenging situations that can make or break your continued success.

 Chapter 3 “You’re already successful, WHY Even More Impact?”

There are 3 main reasons why senior executives want to create even more impact. And there is a lot at stake if you don’t go for more impact.

 Chapter 4 “The Difficulty of creating Even More Impact”

The senior executive job role itself makes it more difficult to create impact. There are 7 tough aspects of the job.

 Chapter 5 “The Power of the Leadership Basics: The 3 Keys”

The 3 keys came from successful senior executives. These are simple, yet powerful practices to Revitalize, Reposition and Reset you and your team in uncertain times.

 Chapter 6 “Key #1: DEMONSTRATE your Vision”

How do successful executive leaders shift how they work with the leadership fundamental of Vision in a new way, so that they Revitalize?

 Chapter 7 “Key #2: CO-CREATE with Stakeholders”

How do successful executive leaders shift how they work with their Stakeholders in new ways, so that they Reposition?

 Chapter 8 “Key #3: RISE ABOVE Reactions”

How do successful executive leaders work with their own Reactions in new ways so that they Reset?

 Chapter 9 “Embracing Uncertainty”

It seems like the goal would be to get rid of uncertainty. However, the most successful leaders strengthen their capacity to actually embrace uncertainty, learn from it, and even leverage uncertainty as an opportunity.

 Chapter 10 “Make Your Impact a Beneficial Impact”

The 3 keys help you create Even More Impact. And you’ll want to be satisfied that your greater impact is beneficial to your organization, the people you lead and yourself.

Even More Impact

3 Keys for Executives to Revitalize, Reposition, and Reset in Uncertain Times

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